To reserve the Curtiss Park pavilion or the Curtiss Community Center, please contact the Village Hall at 715-223-6226

Community Services


Curtiss Post Office

Curtiss Community Center or Community Park Rentals
Village Hall 715.223.6226

Curtiss Alliance Church-     715-223-3693
Curtiss Alliance Church Facebook

St Paul’s Lutheran Church-     715-223-4000
St Paul’s Lutheran Church Facebook



Owen Withee Curtiss Fire & EMS District
Emergency 911
Office 715-229-2652

Clark County Sheriff’s Department
Emergency 911
Office 800-743-2420


Boomtown Sno-Chasers
Boomtown Sno-Chasers Facebook

Chamber of Commerce
AbbyColby Crossings

Curtiss Lions Club
Curtiss Lions Club Facebook

Curtiss Corners Quilt Club
Curtiss Corners Quilt Club Facebook